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Looking for work in Manufacturing Import and Export?

Adhering to a high standard of health and safety, following company procedure and liaising with any import and export freight forwarders, you’ll manage a business’s manufacturing operations. At Freight Personnel, we’re just as organised, extending our network of clients to offer you the most competitive roles. Our service means that we spend time getting a real insight into your experience and where you want to take your manufacturing career to place you in the company that’s the best match for you. You’re responsible for handling a company’s manufacturing operations on a national scale and we’re here to help you reach the right destination on your career path, so let our team handle everything by speaking with us on 0161 452 0452 or emailing admin@freightpersonnel.co.uk today.

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Looking for Import and Export Staff?

At Freight Personnel, we’re committed to finding the people who can build your business operations. Since 1992, we have made it our mission to source the people who can handle the import and expert of goods to ensure the smooth onward shipping of your company’s products. Our processes and wide network of clients and candidates mean that we can always deliver the right person because we’re the only nationwide specialists in freight. When your manufacturing operations have grown dramatically and you need someone to liaise with freight forwarders and organise logistics, our team know the confident and professional candidates for the job. From manufacturing operatives to manufacturing clerks, we’ll build the right picture to ensure we find the right person for you. From small, fragile products to larger items that are manufactured and need to be distributed at high-volume, we understand that every business needs a specialist operative who understands their service. This insight enables us to always deliver the best person for your manufacturing operations because we know what you need.

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