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Looking for work in the European Pallets Sector?

When working in European pallet transport you’re responsible for coordinating shipping, airfreight and road haulage companies to ensure that everything goes to plan. At Freight Personnel we feel this same duty in our role as recruiters, which is why we dedicate ourselves to finding a first class roles for our candidates. If you’re confident, organised and ambitious about driving your career forwards, then we’ve got the pallet coordinator role to suit you. Businesses know that we’ll find the people to take the stress out of reaching new markets, so if you’re a pallet coordinator why not ring 0161 452 0452 or email admin@freightpersonnel.co.uk to take your career up a level.

   Looking for European Pallets Staff?


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Looking for European Pallets Staff?

At Freight Personnel we know that a reliable transport coordinator is the key to breaking European markets. Since 1992, our team have continued to find the people in the transport industry who can manage your operations and take the stress out of European distribution. If you’re looking to expand into the European market, we’ll find the experienced personnel who will coordinate the right transport and organise all the documentation, so that you can focus your efforts on growing your business. Every business is different, but we work with you to determine what you need, whether that’s a sales executive with pallets experience, a commercial manager or any other position. We’ll search from pillar to post through our extensive network to bring you the right person to deliver for expanding operations.

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